“コマ送り版1991 7 21 香港「愛心獻華東」で「我只在乎你」”をアップロードしましたが…

 香港で行った「愛心獻華東」チャリティーショー(1991.7.21 )での歌唱。


 「愛心獻華東」に関連し、次の記述があります。(Google tranlslateによる翻訳)について

On July 18, 1991, Teresa Teng returned to Hong Kong after completing the promotional activities in Japan. At that time, the East China floods occurred. The two TV stations were in full swing preparing charity programs to raise funds for the victims.
On July 21, she took the initiative to contact the ATV program production team and recommended herself to be a guest performer for the charity show "East China with Love". She went to the ATV main station of the Broadcasting Channel at 5 pm to pick up the row, and at 10 pm, she appealed to the audience to support the fundraising. In this event, a live song "I Only Care About You" was sung. That night, Teresa Teng and more than 100 artists jointly raised 27 million Hong Kong dollars for charity.
As for the larger charity event "Ecstasy" on July 27, she had no time to participate because she had to go to France to continue her music course. She said that in the past two years, she has worked hard to go behind the scenes as a record producer. As for charity activities, she would be happy to participate in the grand event. Last year's "Po Leung Ju" and this year's "East China" have the same principles, purely out of a single heart.
This year Teresa Teng has lived in Paris. She admitted that the French are very arrogant and racially discriminatory. Her daily expressions against those boring men are "merci" (Mehe c) and "au revoir" (Ming Wu Wow). Thank you, goodbye!) After all, France is too far away from Asia, and it is inevitable that she suffers from homesickness, but because of her strong personality, she went to France on this trip. On the one hand, she wanted to take music courses and hope her singing skills could be improved. On the other hand, , She wants to concentrate on learning other people’s languages ​​in a foreign country.
Although Teresa Teng has retired, many rumors about her have been circulating for more than a year since last year. She said: "In 1974, I went to Malaysia for a month, but there were rumors of my abortion in Hong Kong. Just imagine, I was so young at the time and my mother stayed with me every day. How could I behave? My mother also said that a curse is ten years long!" Teresa Teng is now calm and unmoved by any rumors.
Talking about the future direction, she said that in addition to serving as a producer, she also plans to set up a production company to cultivate new talents, but the target will be disabled children or women abandoned by their families, and those who have music skills will also train them. She also considered composing more music and releasing a music record in the future to break the boundaries of language.


 7月21日、彼女は率先してATV番組制作チームに連絡し、チャリティー番組「中国東部に愛を」のゲスト出演者になると自薦しました。彼女は午後5時に放送チャンネルのATVメイン局に行きました。午後10時、彼女は募金活動を支援するよう聴衆に呼びかけました。このイベントでは、ライブで「我只在乎你(時の流れに身をまかせ/I Only Care About You)」が歌われました。その夜、テレサ・テンと100人以上のアーティストたちがが共同で、募金2,700万香港ドルを集めました。


 今年、テレサ・テンはパリに住んでいます。彼女は、フランス人が非常に横柄で人種差別的であることを認めました。これらの退屈な男性に対する彼女の日常の表現は、"merci"と"au revoir"です。つまり、「ありがとうございます」「さようなら」です。結局、フランスはアジアから遠すぎてホームシックに悩まされることは避けられないのですが、強い個性ゆえ、今回の旅行でフランスに行きました。一方で、音楽コースを受講し、歌唱力の向上を願っていました。また、外国でその言語を学ぶことに集中したいと思っていました。

 テレサ・テンは引退しましたが、彼女についての多くの噂が昨年から1年以上続いています。彼女は次のように述べています。「1974年に1か月間マレーシアに行きましたが、香港で中絶したという噂がありました。想像してみてください。当時、私はとても若く、母は毎日私と一緒にいました。どうすればよいでしょうか。私の母はまた、呪いは10年繁栄していると言いました。」 テレサ・テンは今や落ち着いていて、どんな噂にも動かされていません。




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